Editing active programs

How It Works

If you want to expand or change active program functionality, you can edit program settings. You can upload additional game keys, prolong the program, or update other sections to make your program more attractive for influencers.

Who Can Use It

Partners who have Partner Network integrated and have at least one active program.

How to Get It

If you want to edit an active program, you need to:

  1. Go to your Publisher Account > Partner Network.

  1. Select the Programs tab.

  1. Display only active programs using filters.

  1. Go to the settings of the program you want to update and click Edit program.

  1. There are four settings tabs, and you will need to edit and publish each of them separately, one by one:

  1. General info. Here you can only edit the program name.

  1. Game profile. Here you can edit all information about the game:
    • Thumbnail
    • Game title
    • Genre
    • Developer
    • Publisher
    • Official website
    • Info about this project
    • Steam App ID
    • Business model
    • Platform
    • Link to promo materials
    • Release date

  1. Program Settings. Here you can edit:
    • Participation end date
    • Revenue share percentage
    • Revenue sharing end date
    • Landing page URL
    • Promo code settings (improving them)
    • Game keys distribution settings
    • Special terms

and you can also upload more game keys.

  1. Partner Requirements. Here you can:
    • Change the minimum size requirements for influencers' channels
    • Turn on the white list and give access to the program to influencers in this list only.
    • Set up the Xsolla Trusted Influencers option in the white list.
    • Turn on the black list and restrict access to the program for influencers in this list.
    • Turn on distribution via Keymailer.

  1. After you have made the necessary changes on the tab, save them by clicking Publish changes. You should see a success message.