Organic traffic attribution for Twitch influencers

How It Works

All purchases in games distributed via Partner Network programs are attributed with tracking links, promo codes and a creator tag that influencers share with their followers. But some influencers neglect to use these instruments, and their followers make purchases on other platforms. Connecting the organic traffic attribution to the program allows you to track in-game purchases made via Xsolla influencers with the Twitch statistics data.

Influencer Flow

  • Register in Partner Network and join a program.
  • Create content on the Twitch channel.
  • Get payments marked as Traffic attribution decided by a partner.


Payouts for influencers based on organic traffic attribution are calculated as follows:

  • The data about the number of views of Twitch influencers’ streams is collected via the SullyGnome service.
  • Growth percentage of the influencer’s followers who watched the stream is defined. If the influencer didn’t make streams as a part of the Partner Network influencer program before, the initial number of views is determined.

  • The number of influencer’s followers who don’t watch the stream, but make a purchase, is predicted with the mathematical model.

  • Sales predicted values from the influencer and their Revenue share is calculated with the formulas as described below:

    PredSalesVolume = PredNewPayUsers x AvgUserSales, where:
    • PredSalesVolume — predicted sales value from the single influencer
    • PredNewPayUsers — predicted new paying users
    • AvgUserSales — average sales per user

    PredRevShare = PredNewPayUsers x AvgUserSales x AvgPayAmount x RevShare, where:
    • PredRevShare — predicted Revenue share for the single influencer
    • PredNewPayUsers — predicted new paying users
    • AvgUserSales — average sales per user
    • AvgPayAmount — average amount per payment
    • RevShare — Revenue share amount (%)

Who Can Use It

Partners who have Partner Network integrated and an influencer program configured.

How to Get It

To connect the organic traffic attribution to your program, send a request to the project Account Manager or email and wait for the option to be connected. On average, application processing takes 3-5 days.

Note: You can cancel the connection request or disable the option.

After connecting the option, you will get a monthly report about recommended payouts to influencers from a project Account Manager. Send the response email to the Account Manager and specify influencers who you will make payouts to and the size of the payouts. Wait for confirmation of the specified payouts from the Account Manager.