Recommendations for influencer programs

How It Works

When creating or editing an influencer program, you can tweak program details so that your game promotion is more targeted and efficient. This allows you to attract the most suitable audience and provide them with the most attractive conditions in accordance with their capabilities.

Who Can Use It

Partners who have Partner Network integrated and want to create or edit an influencer program.

How to Get It

These are the recommendations that will help you target your game promotion:

  1. Participation end date: set it between 3 and 6 months to give influencers enough time to join and create content. If your game has a free-to-play business model, you can set the higher value because such games are the most popular among influencers.

  1. Revenue share percentage:
    • If you are still actively promoting the game and want to involve more influencers into the promotion process, set it at around 40-50%.
    • If you have a well-known brand, or if your game has already gained popularity, set it at 5-10%.
    • If you can't decide on a percentage, we suggest to set it at a 30% baseline to start with.
    • You can create several programs with different Revenue share percentages to work with various groups of influencers. For example, set it at 30-50% for the best performing influencers with thousands of subscribers or for Xsolla Trusted Influencers, and 5-10% for others.

  1. Revenue sharing end date: set it between 6 and 12 months.

  1. Game keys distribution settings:
    • We recommend you always distribute game keys to larger influencers, but they can be optional for smaller influencers.
    • Add enough keys to your program to cover demand. You'll automatically receive a notification when only 30% of them remain, but you don't want to have to stop and add more every other day.
    • If you launch a program using Keymailer, for example, add at least 2,000 keys and quickly replenish them when needed.

  1. Minimum size requirements for influencers' channels:
    • If you distribute game keys, set the restrictions to at least 5000 subscribers per each social media platform. This helps you avoid running out of keys too quickly.
    • If your game is well-known already and if the game keys are provided, set the average subscriber restrictions at:
      • 25,000 (YouTube)
      • 10,000 (Twitch)
      • 5,000 (Twitter)
      • 10,000 (Mixer)
    • If you are not going to distribute game keys or your game is free-to-play, set a minimum restriction or no restrictions at all.