DMarket: Founder`s Packs

How It Works

When you integrate DMarket, you can sell Founder’s Packs. A Founder’s Pack is a set that includes:

  • a game pre-order promo code;
  • a set of items, configurable to be sold on DMarket.

Who Can Use It

Partners who have Store integrated and the Virtual Items and Game Keys modules enabled.

How to Get It

  1. Configure the Game Keys module with pre-orders.
  2. Configure the Virtual Items module.
  3. Configure a separate item group that you want to include into a Founder’s Pack.
  4. Contact your Account Manager or mail to to add game keys and items into a Founder’s Pack.
  5. Choose the integration type:

Note: Only one Founder’s Pack can be created per game.
Info: To sell Founder’s Packs, you can create a landing page yourself using Xsolla Site Builder, or place a work order with your Account Manager to have a custom site built on your behalf.