DMarket: Loot boxes

How It Works

When you integrate DMarket, you can sell loot boxes. A loot box includes a randomly generated set of items that a user gets upon its opening. The probability of getting any particular item can be configured separately.

After getting the loot box, the user can:

  • put it on DMarket for sale;
  • open it and get a set of items;
  • put the items for sale on DMarket.

Who Can Use It

Partners who have Store integrated and the Virtual Items module enabled.

How to Get It

  1. Configure the Virtual Items module.
  2. Configure a separate item group that you want to include into a loot box.
  3. Contact your Account Manager or mail to to integrate loot boxes with DMarket.
  4. Configure the Open Loot Box API method.
  5. Choose the integration type: