How It Works

Upgrades allow users to buy more expensive game packages while paying for the transition only. The price of each upgrade is set up individually.

Note: Upgrades are only available for pre-orders or games delivered via DRM-free distributives. Promotions, regional sale restrictions and gift for a friend cannot be applied to upgrades.

Who Can Use It

Partners, who have Login and Store integrated with the Game Keys module enabled.

How to Get It

  1. In the Game Keys section of Publisher Account, select packages or create new ones.
  2. Configure a pre-order or DRM-free distributive:
    1. Enable DRM-free in the Basic settings section.
    2. Enable Distributive upload in the Keys & Distributives section.
  3. Implement the Get Games and Get Upgrades API methods.
  4. Configure the following webhooks:
    1. Payment and Refund. The upgrade data is passed in the purchase.pin_codes.upgrade object.
    2. Upgrade Refund.
  5. To enable upgrades and configure their prices, please contact your Account Manager or mail to am@xsolla.com.
  6. To set up the payment UI opening upon purchasing upgrades, pass the following parameters in the token:
    1. user.id
    2. purchase.pin_codes.upgrade.id_user_history, received from the games list
    3. purchase.pin_codes.upgrade.id, received from the upgrades list.

If a user purchases a sequence of upgrades for a single package and then refunds a payment for one of them, that particular upgrade and all the subsequent ones will be cancelled. By default, the payments for the subsequent upgrades are not refunded. If you want to set up refunds for the whole sequence of upgrades, contact your Account Manager or mail to am@xsolla.com.

Note: You can use Xsolla Login to authorize the user and receive a user.id.