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SDKs for Android

  • Login library

  • Store library

  • Inventory library

  • Payments library

  • Subscriptions library

  • Authentication

  • Catalog

  • Promotions

  • Item purchase

  • Player inventory

  • User account and attributes

  • SDKs for Android

    Xsolla SDK for Android is a ready-to-use library for applications/games that allows you to easily embed Xsolla services. Install libraries to your project and start using them right away. You can also safely test payments in sandbox mode.

    The SDK makes it easier to integrate Xsolla products into your Android project by providing out-of-the-box data structures and methods for working with Xsolla API.

    After integration, you can use:

    • Login to authenticate users and manage user accounts.
    • In-Game Store to manage in-game purchases and player inventory in your application.
    • Pay Station to set up payments.
    • Subscriptions to provide users with access to a package of services under specified conditions (subscription cost and duration).

    Choose and integrate libraries

    Choose libraries that suit your needs and follow the step-by-step instructions to integrate:

    Publishing platforms (for instance, Google Play) may not allow using Store and Payments libraries. Check the policies and guidelines before publishing.

    Login library

    The Login library is used to integrate applications based on Android with Xsolla Login. Main features:
    • authentication via email or username and password
    • authentication via the following social networks:
      • Google
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • LinkedIn
      • Naver
      • Baidu
      • QQ
      • WeChat
    • authentication via a device ID
    • passwordless authentication via an email address or phone number
    • sign-up
    • email confirmation
    • password reset
    • user attributes management
    • user account


    Store library

    The Store library is used to integrate applications based on Android with In-Game Store.

    Main features:

    • managing your in-game store
    • selling virtual items


    Inventory library

    The Inventory library is used to integrate applications based on Android with Player Inventory for managing:
    • user inventory
    • virtual currency balance
    • cross-platform inventory


    Payments library

    The Payments library is used to integrate applications based on Android with Xsolla Pay Station.

    Main features:

    • purchase for 130+ currencies
    • purchase via 700+ payment methods
    • built-in anti-fraud
    • payment UI localized in 20 languages
    • purchase refund


    Subscriptions library

    The Subscriptions library is used to integrate applications based on Android with Subscriptions. You should use Xsolla Login for user authorization.

    Main features:

    • selling subscriptions
    • subscription renewal and cancelation
    • subscription management from a user’s dashboard


    System requirements

    • Android OS 5.0 or higher
    • Internet connection
    The SDK uses Google Mobile Services and doesn’t support builds for devices without Google Mobile Services, such as Huawei.

    Charge policy

    Xsolla offers the necessary tools to help you build and grow your gaming business, including personalized support at every stage. The terms of payment are determined by the contract that can be signed via Publisher Account.

    The cost of using all Xsolla products is 5% of the amount you receive for the sale of the game and in-game goods via Xsolla Pay Station. If you do not use Xsolla Pay Station in your application, but use other products, contact your Customer Success Manager or email to clarify the terms and conditions.

    Set up your application

    Learn about advanced features from the how-tos:


    Player inventory

    User account and attributes

    Contact our integration team

    Click the chat icon in the bottom right corner and contact the integration team via a messenger. We’ll answer you in real time and will help to resolve the problem.

    Last updated: July 11, 2023

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