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Purchase in one click

You can implement a simplified process of purchasing items in your application. This method is suitable for the sale of one SKU in any quantity. For example, 100 identical potions.

In this case, the user will proceed to payment right after selecting the item and its quantity, without adding items to the cart.

The information about the discount (personalized or related to the purchase) will be available to the user only in the payment UI. The use of promo codes is not provided.
To implement the logic of one-click purchases:
  1. Implement the logic of getting payment tokens in one of the following ways:
    1. Call the createOrderByItemSku method of the Store library and pass data about the item and its quantity to it.
    2. Call the Create order with specified item API endpoint.
    3. Use your own server methods or BaaS solution methods.
  2. Open the payment UI. To do this, call the createIntentBuilder method of the Payments library and pass the payment token.
  3. Implement payment result handling.
SDK reference documentation
Learn more about SDK methods and its parameters.
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Last updated: January 22, 2024

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