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The Xsolla Sample App demonstrates the integration capabilities and functions of SDKs. Use it as an example.

For the demo app, a project in Publisher Account is preset and an in-game store is fully configured. When you launch the demo app, the sign-up/login page is displayed. Sign up in the app or log in with a demo account (username: xsolla, password: xsolla).

Integration flow

To integrate the Payments library:

  1. Download and install Android Studio.
  2. Create a new project for the source code of your application.
  3. Set up the project in your Publisher Account.
  4. Implement user authorization in your application.
  5. Implement the logic of showing an item catalog using the Store library (recommended), IGS & BB API or implement your own logic.
  6. Set up user redirection after they completed the payment.
  7. Install the library.
  8. Integrate SDK on the application side.
  9. Implement the logic of showing purchases in the user inventory using the Inventory library (recommended), the IGS & BB API, or webhooks.

After the integration is complete, test the payment process.

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Last updated: May 26, 2022

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