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Integrating with Xsolla servers is suitable for partners who want a ready-made server solution for monetization and in-game items management.

After integration of Xsolla SDKs, you can use:

With this integration, all operations are processed on the Xsolla side and you do not have to configure your own server side for these tasks.

System requirements

  • Android OS 5.0 or higher
  • Internet connection is essential for Android SDKs


Login Android SDK features

The Login Android SDK is used to integrate applications based on Android with Xsolla Login. Main features:
  • authentication via email or username and password
  • authentication via the following social networks:
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Naver
    • Baidu
  • signup
  • email confirmation
  • password reset

Store Android SDK features

The Store Android SDK is used to integrate applications based on Android with In-Game Store. Main features:
  • managing your in-game store
  • selling virtual items

Inventory Android SDK features

The Inventory Android SDK is used to integrate applications based on Android with Player Inventory for managing:
  • user inventory
  • virtual currency balance
  • cross-platform inventory

Payments Android SDK features

The Payments Android SDK is used to integrate applications based on Android with Xsolla Pay Station. Main features:
  • purchase for 130+ currencies
  • purchase via 700+ payment methods
  • built-in anti-fraud
  • payment UI localized in 20 languages
  • purchase refund

Privacy policy

If you use the Login Android SDK, add the Xsolla Privacy Policy Agreement link to your application. You can see the example of this link in the demo project on the sign up/log in page.
Note that the Xsolla Privacy Policy Agreement doesn’t mean user data will be used. If you plan to collect and process this kind of data, make sure that your actions comply with the law. You should ask users for their permission to collect and process their data or inform them about the Privacy Policy Agreement.

Charge policy

Xsolla offers the necessary tools to help you build and grow your gaming business, including personalized support at every stage. The terms of payment are determined by the contract that can be signed via Publisher Account.

The cost of using all Xsolla products is 5% of the amount you receive for the sale of the game and in-game goods via the Xsolla Pay Station. If you do not use the Xsolla Pay Station in your application, but use other products, contact your Account Manager to clarify the terms and conditions.


  1. Download and install Android Studio.
  2. Create a new project.
  3. Register an Xsolla Publisher Account.
  4. Configure a Publisher Account project that is automatically created after the previous step:
    1. Click My game in the Projects block and go to Project settings.
    2. In setup mode, specify a Project name and click Save.

    1. Go to Integration settings and check that the Integrate Commerce API toggle is set to On.

During the integration process, you will need the following parameters:

  • Project ID found in Project settings > Project ID.

  • Login ID found in Login settings > Login ID. It has the UUID format.


We provide the Xsolla Sample App to demonstrate the integration capabilities and functions of SDKs. Use it as an example.

For the demo app, a project in Publisher Account is preset and an in-game store is fully configured. When you launch the demo app, the sign-up/login page is displayed. Sign up in the app or log in with a demo account (username — xsolla, password — xsolla).

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