Track order status

The SDK allows you to track the order status on the client side of your application. However, we recommend setting up a Payment webhook handler to receive order information in the back end of your application. This allows you to implement additional validation of completed purchases.

After a user makes a purchase, your application can perform the following actions:

  • show the order status in the application UI
  • credit a user’s balance after a successful payment
  • grant the purchased items after a successful payment

To implement the logic of these actions, track the order status using the OrderTracker.checkPendingOrder SDK method. Pass the following parameters to the method:

This method encapsulates several methods for tracking the order status. Tracking is performed according to the following algorithm:

  1. A web socket connection is established.
  2. If the order status hasn’t changed to done or cancel within 5 minutes, the web socket connection is re-established. If the order status is changed to done or cancel, tracking stops.
If a web socket connection fails, the order status is tracked using short-polling. Once every 3 seconds, a simple HTTP order status request is sent. Tracking stops if:
  • order status changed to done or cancel
  • the order status does not change to done or cancel within 10 minutes
You can also implement requesting the order status and order contents using the XsollaOrders.checkOrder SDK method.
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Last updated: January 22, 2024

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