Unity SDKs

Easily embed Xsolla services with this ready-to-use library for Unity applications and games. Import assets into your project and start using them right away, then add scenes with Login, In-Game Store, Player Inventory, and more. You can also safely test payments in sandbox mode.

Store Unity SDK

One-stop solution for secure, easy-to-use, and effective game monetization.

Payments Unity SDK

Get simple, secure access to more than 700 payment methods globally.

Login Unity SDK

Enable seamless, localized, one-click authentication while keeping user data safe, secure and under your ownership.

Inventory Unity SDK

Encourage players to buy and earn more goods with secure, cross-platform cloud storage. Sync in-game items in a player's inventory across platforms and drop rewards to keep progress up-to-date.
All assets are not compatible with each other. Choose and integrate only one asset that best suits your needs.

All-in-one with Xsolla servers

Integrating with Xsolla servers is suitable for partners who want a ready-made server solution for monetization and in-game items management.

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The following integration options are available:

Use your server side

This type of integration is suitable for partners who have already implemented the game logic for authorization, in-game store, and player’s inventory on their servers and want to use Xsolla Pay Station.

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Use third-party servers

Take the advantage of Xsolla Pay Station if you use a third-party backend solution. You can use Xsolla Pay Station for processing in-game purchases in combination with other BaaS providers responsible for game logic.

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Use serverless integration

Serverless integration is suitable for partners who want to use Xsolla Pay Station for in-game purchases, but their games have no server part and game logic is implemented on the client side.

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