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SDKs for Unity

Install SDK

Only the latest version of the SDK is available through CDN. If you need a different version, you can download it from GitHub.
  1. Download Unity.
  2. Pick a personal or professional Unity license based on your preferences.
  3. Create a new Unity project.
  4. Download the SDK.
  5. Unzip the package.
  6. In the Unity editor, go to Assets > Import Package > Custom Package in the main menu and select the SDK.
  7. Make sure that the Mono compiler is used to create a game build (for standalone builds only). To do this:
    1. Click Edit > Project Settings in the main menu.
    2. Go to the Player > Other Settings > Configuration section.
    3. Make sure that Mono is selected in the Scripting Backend field.

We recommend you use the Mono compiler for desktop platforms as it’s compatible with the provided in-game browser. If you use other browser solutions, you can use the IL2CPP compiler instead.

You can use either Mono or IL2CPP compilers to create game builds for Android or iOS.

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Last updated: October 10, 2023

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