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Enterprise-level SDK for Unity


Users can receive the following rewards when a coupon is redeemed:

  • virtual currency packages
  • game keys
  • virtual items
  • bundles

Rewards may include one or more items of the same type (for example, 2 different virtual items).

For information on the features and limitations of coupon promotions, see the In-Game Store guide.

To implement a coupon campaign:

  1. Set up a campaign with coupons.
  2. In the application UI, implement the following elements:
    • field to enter a coupon code
    • coupon reward display form
    • button to redeem coupon code

  1. Implement the coupon logic using the following SDK methods:
    • GetCouponRewards — returns a list of items that can be credited to the user when the coupon is redeemed.
    • RedeemCouponCode — redeems the coupon code and delivers a reward to the user in one of the following ways:
      • to their inventory (virtual items, virtual currency packages, or bundles)
      • via email (game keys)
      • to the entitlement system (game keys)
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Last updated: October 10, 2023

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