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  • Consume item from player inventory

    There are 3 types of virtual items:

    • Consumable (grenades, bullets, etc.) of which the quantity is decreased when users consume it.
    • Nonconsumable (access to a location, status, cosmetics, pre-installed DLC, NO ADS option for mobile games, etc.).
    • Time-limited items (temporary access to an in-game cosmetic item, item, additional content, etc.).

    You can implement the item consumption logic from the application client only for consumable virtual items. To do this, use the ConsumeInventoryItem SDK method.

    You can only remove non-consumable and time-limited items from the inventory via the Revoke inventory items server API method.

    SDK reference documentation
    Learn more about SDK methods and its parameters.
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    Last updated: September 6, 2022

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