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  • Error occurred running Unity content on page of WebGL build

    Issue description

    The issue appears in some cases when logging in to a WebGL build. The following error message is displayed:

    The problem occurs because the IL2CPP compiler is used when building in WebGL. It optimizes the project and removes unused code from libraries. The compiler cannot correctly determine whether a module, class, or method is being used in a project if reflection is used to retrieve objects. The problem is described in more detail in the Unity documentation.

    Issue status: Can’t be fixed on the SDK side.


    1. Open Unity project.
    2. In the main menu, go to Edit > Project Settings.
    3. In the Player section, go to the WebGL build settings tab.
    4. Go to the Other Settings section.
    5. Uncheck Strip engine code box.
    6. Go to the Publishing Settings section.
    7. Check the Decompression Fallback box.
    8. Create a new WebGL build.

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    Last updated: April 28, 2022

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