SDKs for Unreal Engine

Xsolla SDK for Unreal Engine 4 is a ready-to-use library for applications/games that allows you to easily embed Xsolla services.

Choose and integrate the plug-in

Choose the plug-in that suits your needs and follow the step-by-step instructions to integrate:

Game Commerce plug-inLogin & Account System plug-inCross-Buy plug-in
In-game store features
Virtual currency+
  • Sell any amount of virtual currency
  • Sell packages of virtual currency
  • Sell hard currency
  • Sell virtual currency and packages of virtual currency for real or virtual currency
Virtual items+
  • Set up a catalog of in-game items
  • Sell virtual items for real and virtual currency
Player inventory++
  • Get and verify inventory
  • Consume items according to game logic
  • Consume virtual currency according to in-game logics (for example, when opening a location, purchasing level for a currency)
  • Synchronize all purchases and premium rewards of the user on all platforms
Sell bundles for real and virtual currency
Promotional campaigns+
Manage campaigns with discounts, coupons and promo codes
Login features
  • OAuth 2.0
  • Authenticate users via login and password
  • Authenticate users via social networks
  • Authenticate via Steam client
  • Authenticate users on mobile devices via native social authentication
  • Authenticate users via a device ID
User management+++
  • Manage user accounts
  • Manage access rights
  • Customize user attributes
  • Friend system
  • Cross-platform account linking
Payment UI features+
Additional features
UI builder+++
Customize colors, textures, and fonts in the UI. For details, see How to use SDK to configure application UI.
Battle pass+
A ready-made version of the battle pass implementation that you can adapt for your application. For details, see How to implement battle pass in application.
Game Commerce plug-in includes Login & Account System and Cross-Buy plug-ins. You do not need to install them separately.

Get started with SDK basics

Follow the step-by-step tutorials to get going:


Purchase management

Set up your application

Learn about advanced features from the how-tos:

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