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How to modify the SDK

The SDK is a flexible solution that you can customize to fit your specific application.

To modify the SDK code downloaded from the Unreal Engine Marketplace, follow these steps:

  1. Open the catalog <UE4 Root>/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace/<Plugin name>, where:
    • <UE4 Root> — path to the root directory where Unreal Engine is installed.
    • <Plugin name> — plugin name.

  1. Move the directory with the plugin files to <Project root>/Plugins/, where <Project root> is the path to your UE4 project.
  2. Make changes to the plugin code and restart the project. You need to confirm the rebuild of the plugin module.
  3. Delete the Binaries and Intermediate folders.

You don't need to do any preliminary steps to make changes to the SDK you downloaded from GitHub.

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