Set up virtual currency packages in the in-game store

In addition to virtual items you can configure the purchase of virtual currency packages in the in-game store.


  • Currency packages must be added in the PlayFab catalog and in Publisher Account as items.
  • You need to create items only in one primary PlayFab catalog, otherwise after purchase for real money, items will not be credited.

To add a virtual currency package to an in-game store:

  1. Configure the virtual currency package in the PlayFab catalog as an item:
    1. In the catalog, go to Bundles and click New Bundle.
    2. Set the Item ID and specify Display name in accordance with the amount of currency in the package (for example, “500 crystals pack”).
    3. Enable the Consumable option and set auto-consumption after 3-5 seconds.
    4. In the Bundle Contents section, click Add to Bundle.
    5. Click Currencies and select the type of virtual currency. Click Close.
    6. In the Bundle Contents section, specify the Quantity for the game currency.
    7. In the Prices section, set RM as a Currency and in the Amount field specify the price in US cents. For example: 1 USD = 100 RM, 0.99 USD = 99 RM, 1.5 USD = 150 RM.
    8. Click Save bundle.
  2. Go to your Publisher Account and create an item in the Virtual Items module with the same parameters as previously created in the PlayFab catalog. Please note that the item SKU must be the same as the Item ID specified in the product catalog in PlayFab.

After purchasing this item, the player will automatically be credited with the appropriate amount of virtual currency.

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