Set up the Virtual Items module in your Publisher Account

  1. Go to your project and click Connect in the Store block. You can go to the Store settings from any section of Publisher Account by clicking the Store button in the left-hand-side menu.

  1. Click Connect in the Virtual Items block.

  1. Click Create a group.

  1. Specify Group code, Group name, and Description and turn on the group display in Store. Click Create group.

  1. Create items previously added to the PlayFab catalog specifying the following info for each one of them:
    • group that the item should belong to
    • SKU
    • name and a short description
    • prices in real currency
    • image (optional)

The virtual item SKU must be the same as the Item ID specified in the product catalog in PlayFab, otherwise PlayFab will not be able to register purchases made via Xsolla Pay Station.

  1. Make sure that the group status is Enabled.

  1. Click Store in the left-hand-side menu and set the Show in Store toggle to On in the Virtual Items block.

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