Create catalog

A catalog lists items that are available for purchase. You can use the Payments solution to sell virtual items — in-game content that a user can buy for real or virtual currency. Selling virtual items is one of the main ways to monetize games.

Create virtual items

When you create virtual items on Xsolla’s side, you can configure regional prices and limits, as well as use the promotion system and other Xsolla features that are regularly expanded and updated.

Get items list

  1. Create virtual items.
  2. Call the Get virtual items list API method. In the request, pass the project_id parameter — project ID that you can find in Publisher Account:

In the response, you will receive detailed information about virtual items created in your project. For the subsequent order creation, you need the item SKU that is passed in the items.sku parameter.

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Last updated: October 10, 2023

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