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An order consists of items a user wants to buy in the store. After an order is paid, the user receives the items. To make a payment, a user must be authorized in the game.

Select an integration method that suits your game to see the instructions for setting up.

CharacteristicsServer sideClient side
Having a serverYou need to have your own server to get tokens and control the load on the server.You do not need your own server.
Determining the user’s countryIf you don’t pass the country in the payment token, it is determined by the location of the server from which the request was made. This influences the choice of payment methods available to the user.Xsolla determines the user’s country by IP address.
Determining the payment currencyIf you don’t pass the currency in the token, it is determined by the country.
If you pass the currency in the token, but don’t pass the country, the user pays in the currency passed in the token.
The currency is determined by country.
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Last updated: October 13, 2023

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