Create virtual items

Virtual Items are in-game content that can be sold for real or virtual currency. When you create virtual items on Xsolla’s side, you can use the promotion system, personalization, and other Xsolla features that are regularly expanded and updated.

Create group

To set up virtual items, you need to configure virtual items groups. Groups allow you to have a multilevel catalog and manage items that are displayed in the store.

  1. Open your project in Publisher Account.
  2. In the side menu, click Store.
  3. In the Virtual Items pane, click:
    • Connect — if you haven’t configured virtual items before.
    • Configure — if you have configured virtual items before.
  4. In the drop-down list, choose Create group.

  1. Specify the following parameters:
    • External ID — group ID in the store that is used to manage the virtual items group via API calls. It has to be unique for each group.
    • Group name.
  2. Set the Show group in store toggle to On to display items from this group in the store.
  3. Click Create group.

In the future, you can set the Show group in store toggle to Off to hide items from the store, e.g., if you plan to sell them for a limited time.

Create virtual items

  1. Click the name of the created group.
  2. Click Create item.

  1. Specify information about an item. Required fields:
    • SKU — unique item ID
    • Item name
    • Description
    • Price in real currency
  2. Set the Show item in store toggle to On.
  3. Click Create item.

For the next steps, you need the SKU of the created item:

You can also edit the created item and add missing information about it.
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Last updated: February 6, 2023

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