Create order

An order consists of items a user wants to buy in the store. After an order is paid, the user receives the items. To make a payment, a user must be authorized in the game.

Call the Create payment token for purchase API method and pass information about a user and items in this method. You can use this API call to sell single and multiple items.

To use sandbox mode, pass the “sandbox”: true parameter in the body of the request for getting a token.

The value of the user_id parameter:
  • When testing, you can pass any symbol in this parameter.
  • To accept real payments, pass the user ID from your system in this parameter. This ID is passed in the User validation webhook.
Request example:
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    curl -i -X POST \
      -u 224575:MYAPIKEY \ \
      -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
      -d '{
        "user": {
          "id": {
            "value": "myUserID"
        "purchase": {
          "items": [
              "sku": "mySKU",
              "quantity": 1
        "sandbox": true
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