Launching pre-orders


You can publish your game on the pre-orders stage to expand the player base, raise funds, and test the game before its official release. Here is the list of tools we offer:

  • Website builder — provides ready-to-use templates for making a game website.
  • User authentication system — allows quick and safe authentication of players.
  • Monetization management — offers flexibility to manage prices and attract more players with promotions and bonuses.
  • Website integration with game communities — allows you to engage players from various social networks.
  • Website and authentication system analytics — lets you gather and analyze user data and sort it by date, country, and authentication method.

You can authenticate users via Xsolla Login or use your own system. Pre-orders integration is available both at the landing page you create with Xsolla or at your own website.

Integration Flow

To publish your game on the pre-orders stage:

  1. Register an Xsolla Publisher Account.
  2. Create a project for your game.
  3. Create a website.
  4. Connect user authentication.
  5. Set up monetization options.
  6. Publish your website.
  7. Track and analyze user actions with the pre-integrated tools or connect external analytics platforms.

Select the parameters of your game to view the detailed integration guide.

Get Started


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Last updated: July 20, 2021

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