Launching pre-orders / Add content to the website
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Launching pre-orders

  • Xsolla landing and Xsolla Login widget

  • Xsolla landing and custom authentication

  • Xsolla landing without authentication

  • Custom landing and Xsolla Login widget

  • Custom landing and custom authentication via Xsolla Login API methods

  • Custom landing and custom authentication

  • Custom landing without authentication

  • Add content to the website

    Your website is the main source of information about your game. When you’re on the pre-orders stage, it’s especially important to drive more users to your website and persuade them to support your game by purchasing a pre-order. After the game release, you should keep your players updated and interested to encourage in-game purchases. The content you publish on your website allows you to increase the sales of game keys, in-game items, and the game itself, as well as create a positive impression.

    To make your website informative and easy to navigate, follow these recommendations:

    • Divide the information into blocks. This way, users will be able to see your product in detail. You can use the list of blocks provided in Xsolla Site Builder as an inspiration and implement a similar structure on your website.
    • Organize your text in short, scannable paragraphs.
    • Write headings in concise phrases.
    • Illustrate the information you give with digital content (images or videos).
    • Publish news and updates with sufficient frequency to keep your players interested.
    • Localize the content if your game is targeted at players from different countries.
    • Keep the visuals aligned in style. Design your website according to the style and concept of your game.
    • Add the links to your game communities on social networks.
    • Provide the players with the opportunity to easily contact you, e.g., share your support team email.
    • Add an FAQs section to your website to help your players more quickly and build their loyalty. It will also help to reduce the number of requests to your support team.

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    Last updated: July 13, 2022

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