Launching pre-orders / Analytics for the website
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Launching pre-orders

Analytics for the website

Track the following user actions with your website statistics:

  • Retention rate — the percentage of users who return to your website in a certain time frame after their first visit
  • Number of subscribers for a newsletter
  • Visits by country
  • Traffic source
  • Visits by referrals — the websites from which users come to your website
  • Destination websites

To view statistics, go to Site Builder in Publisher Account, click Configure on the website you want to track, and open the Site analytics tab.

You can also use Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or Twitter Pixel and track such user actions as:

  • payment UI opening
  • successful purchase
  • signing up for the newsletter

Read the Integration with analytics platforms recipe to learn more.

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Last updated: October 10, 2023

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