Launching pre-orders / Create and set up a website via Xsolla Site Builder
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Launching pre-orders

Create and set up a website via Xsolla Site Builder

Creating a website is a key step in publishing your game. It allows you to sell in-game items and currencies, game keys, and digital copies.

Read the Creating a site instruction to learn about creating and setting up your game website via Xsolla Site Builder.

Add content to the website

Your website is the main source of information about your game. When you’re on the pre-orders stage, it is especially important to drive more users to your website and persuade them to support your game by purchasing a pre-order. After the game release, you should keep your players updated and interested to encourage in-game purchases. The content you publish on your website allows you to increase the sales of game keys, in-game items, and the game itself, as well as create a positive impression.

Xsolla Site Builder templates organize information in blocks, each with a different set of components. These components perform different functions: monetization management, newsletters, user engagement, etc.

To make your website informative and easy to navigate, see the full list of blocks provided in Xsolla Site Builder.

You can also add your own HTML code to the Custom code block to use advanced features that are not currently available within the builder. Create the code from the ground up or use these solutions:

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Last updated: October 10, 2023

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