Launching pre-orders / Set up monetization methods on the website
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Launching pre-orders

Set up monetization methods on the website

Game keys

The Game Keys solution allows game developers to sell keys and distribution packages right from the game’s website.

Key features:

  • Different DRM platforms for distributing keys and distribution packages
  • Ability to choose a platform for each DRM
  • Different prices for different DRM platforms
  • Configuration of widget size and color theme
  • Tips to the developer
  • Pre-orders

Read the Game Keys module configuration instruction to learn more.


Pre-orders allow you to sell the game before the official release. Users who purchase a pre-order will get a receipt emailed to them. Users get access to the game when it’s released. They get an activation key or a distribution link for downloading the game, or both depending on the settings in Publisher Account.

Read the Pre-orders configuration section to learn more.

Connect game keys with pre-orders to the website

To connect game keys in Xsolla Site Builder:

  1. Add a Call-to-Action block to the website.
  2. Add the Button component to the block.
  3. Go to the Buy tab and choose the required package in the list. If there are no packages or you want to add a new one, click + New package and set it up.
  4. Set up pre-orders.
  5. If you want to use upgrades in your project, click Request setup.
  6. Choose the DRM and specify the platforms.
  7. Set pricing for the chosen DRMs.
  8. Upload keys for the chosen DRMs.
  9. Choose the Send via landing page option.

The created block will appear on your website.

Set up promotion methods

You can use promotions, coupons, or bonuses as the game promotion methods on pre-orders stage.

Promotions will allow you to set discounts for game keys and distribution links.

To set up promotions:

  1. Find Promotions and rewards in Publisher Account > Store and click Configure.
  2. Create a promotion.
  3. Set the name of the promotion and discount amount.
  4. Choose which purchases are valid for the discount.
  5. Set the promotion start and end date.
  6. Specify the promotion title and description.

Coupons allow you to create coupon campaigns and upload or generate coupon codes in Publisher Account. The user receives a coupon after purchasing a key or distribution link. When the coupon is redeemed, users get virtual currency, virtual items, or a trial subscription period. Read the Coupon configuration recipe to learn more.

You can grant users a bonus for purchasing keys and distribution links. It may include virtual currency, trial subscription period, virtual items (one or several), or a game. For detailed information about setting up a promotional campaign with a bonus, refer to these instructions.

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Last updated: October 10, 2023

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