Time limited and number limited offers

You can add a time or number limit to increase interest in a product or promotion.
There are two types of limits:

  • Time — period when users can buy an item or use a promotion.
  • Number of sales — limited quantity of items or promotions that user can buy.


For unauthorized users, the maximum number of items they can buy is always displayed. To display the remaining number of items to the user (subject to the current limit), pass user authorization data when you request the item catalog using the methods of the Catalog subsection from the Virtual Items & Currency method group.

To correctly display the number of items that are available to the user, you need to configure authentication.


Xsolla ensures the limits are not exceeded and prevents users from purchasing more items than the set limit.

When opening the payment interface and paying for an item, all unpaid orders with this item become invalid.

Example: the user can open the payment form for an item with a purchase restriction in several browser tabs until the item has been purchased. This automatically results in the creation of multiple orders for the same item. After purchasing an item in one tab, Xsolla will void all unpaid orders with the same item.

We recommend using a Featured item card layout to draw users’ attention to promotional products.

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Last updated: July 31, 2023

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