Set up user authentication

  1. In the Builder for your site, go to the Login settings block.

  1. Select the Xsolla Login authorization option.
  2. In the drop-down list, select New Login.


As a result, the Login project with user authentication by email and password will be automatically created. For the created Login project, the Web Shop URL will be specified as a callback URL that the user will be redirected to in the following cases:

  • after successful authentication
  • after successful email confirmation
  • after password reset
  • in case of authentication failure

When you change the domain of Web Shop, the callback URL in the Login project settings changes automatically.

  1. Go to the Login project settings from the modal window or click Set up authentication method in the Xsolla Login block.


For authentication in Web Shop, set up the same social networks as for authentication in your application. If social networks are not set up, user authentication by email address and password will be available.

When setting up the authentication in Web Shop via social networks, use the same Application ID and Application Secret as for authentication in your application.

  1. Connect user data storage.

Depending on the method of storing user data, different product functionality is available to you (see Comparison of user data storage options).

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Last updated: February 22, 2022

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