Blocks are the logically divided sections in Site Builder combining components with the same purposes.

To find all the blocks, go to Publisher Account > Site Builder > Open Site Builder.

There is a limit of 50 blocks per landing.


Key actions related to the game: language settings, login, shopping cart and custom buttons.


Features to prompt an immediate response from users or encourage them to make a purchase with a sale.

  1. Main image size: 784 x 280 px.
  2. Buy button size: 240 x 63 px.

Images, screenshots, and videos used to increase interest in the game.

Slider image size: 820 x 460 px.

Promo slider

Gallery with game banners. The banner contains an image for the game and its heading. You can upload a logo and game description, and add slide arrows or looped sliders for banners.

Image size: 374 x 170 px.


Texts and media to increase interest in the game.

Full screen image size: 784 x 280 px.

Image size in the column: 383 x 280 px.


Sales of game subscriptions, pre-orders, and game keys on various levels.

Image size: 280 x 151 px.


Sales of virtual items and virtual currency.

Image size of a small item: 192 x 98 px.

Image size of a standard item: 300 x 120 px.


Latest news and updates that may be interesting for gamers.

Image size: 370 x 450 px.

Social media widgets

Access to social networks of games for faster communication with gamers.


Most frequently asked questions and answers about the game.

Custom code

HTML scripts for custom features that are not provided in Site Builder.

System requirements

Minimum and recommended hardware and software needed to run the game on different platforms.

Extra options and information related to the game.

You can also use a custom background. Image size: 2000 x 1000 px.
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Last updated: December 27, 2022

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