Resets the user password with user confirmation. If the user data is kept in the Xsolla data storage or on your side, users receive a password change confirmation email. If the user data is kept in the PlayFab storage, password reset is done on PlayFab’s side. To get more information, see the Comparison of user data storages page.

The workflow of using this call:

  1. The application opens a form so the user can enter their email or username.
  2. The user enters their email or username.
  3. The application sends this request to the Xsolla Login server.
  4. The Xsolla Login server sends a confirmation email to the user.
  5. The user follows the link in the email and proceeds to the form for setting a new password.
  6. The user enters a new password and clicks Set new password.
  7. The application sends the Confirm password reset request to the Xsolla Login server.

If you use your own password reset form, use the Confirm password reset call to reset the user password.

Request Parameters

2 Query Parameters

Request Body


Email to send the password change verification message to.

1 validation + required


Send a Test Request

Send requests directly from the browser (CORS must be enabled)
No $$.env variables are being used in this request.