• Version: 2.0.0
  • Servers:
    • https://api.xsolla.com/api

Pay Station is a complete payment UI that allows your users to purchase games and items on your website. Read Open Pay Station to find out how to implement the payment UI on your website.

Pay Station API provides four groups of endpoints:

  • Token endpoint allows you to generate a token with arbitrary user parameters for further payment processing via the payment UI.
  • Tokenization endpoints allow you to securely process payments without opening the payment UI or involving the user.
  • Reports endpoints return data on user transactions and allow you to generate reports as well as get payouts breakdown in currency.
  • Refund endpoint allow your users to request full and partial refunds.

A step-by-step Pay Station integration guide can be found here.



Xsolla API uses basic access authentication. All requests to API must contain the Authorization: Basic <your_authorization_basic_key> header, where <your_authorization_basic_key> is the merchant_id:api_key pair encoded according to the Base64 standard.

Go to Xsolla Publisher Account > Company settings to find

  • merchant_id on the Company tab
  • api_key on the API key tab.

Security Scheme Type HTTP
HTTP Authorization Scheme basic