• Version: 2.0.0
  • Servers:
    • https://api.xsolla.com/api

Pay Station allows partners to monetize their products by providing users with a convenient UI to pay for in-game purchases in the game store. To set up opening the payment UI, refer to these instructions.

The Pay Station API provides the following groups of calls:

  • Token — includes the API call to generate a token with arbitrary user parameters for further payment processing via the payment UI.
  • Tokenization — includes API calls to securely process payments without opening the payment UI or involving the user.
  • Reports — includes API calls to return data on user transactions, generate reports, and get payouts breakdown by currency.
  • Refund — includes API calls to request full and partial refunds.
  • Testing — includes the API call to test the chargeback process.

You can find detailed information about configuring the payment UI in the Payments solution integration guide.


You can also refer to the Xsolla Base API section in the Postman collection to test API calls used for integration.