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    The solution for user login and registration is based on the Login product. Authentication settings for your project are available in Publisher Account in the Login section.

    It is recommended to implement the following authentication logic at application launch:

    1. Load the previously saved user token. To do this, call the AuthViaSavedToken SDK method. The method returns true if the stored token authentication was successful.
    2. Open the application page:
      • If the AuthViaSavedToken method returned true, refresh the user’s token by calling the SDK’s RefreshToken method and open the main page of the application.
      • If the AuthViaSavedToken method returned false, open the sign-up/login page.

    If you use the SDK, add the Xsolla Privacy Policy Agreement link to your application. You can see the example of this link in the demo project on the sign up page.

    Note that the Xsolla Privacy Policy Agreement doesn’t mean user data will be used. If you plan to collect and process this kind of data, make sure that your actions comply with the law. You should ask users for their permission to collect and process their data or inform them about the Privacy Policy Agreement.

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    Last updated: May 23, 2023

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