Reward system


Reward system
System designed to provide partners with the ability to incentivize users to spend real currency in the in-game stores.
Reward chain
A set of steps that a user has to complete in order to receive a reward.
A step in the reward chain at which the user, after accumulating the required number of value points, receives the reward.
Value points
Points that show the user’s progress in the reward system.
An item received by the user after accumulating a set number of value points.

How it works

The reward system gives you the opportunity to incentivize users who regularly purchase items in the in-game store with real currency. In this case, users receive additional motivation to use the in-game store or web store.

You can create reward chains by giving out rewards for a certain amount of real currency spent. There can be several chains in the game. The maximum length of one chain is 31 steps. Each step has an execution condition — to gain a given number of value points that show the user’s progress in the reward system.

You can give out free items to users and give out value points in addition to them. Accumulated value points motivate users to earn more points by purchasing items with real currency.

At each step, the user can receive from 1 to 10 rewards.

You can reward users by giving out the following item types:

  • virtual items
  • virtual currency
  • virtual currency packages
  • bundles

Unauthorized users can see reward chains, but not their own progress. The number of earned value points and progress in the reward system are displayed to the user after authorization.

User flow

  1. The user goes to the site.
  2. The user sees the item catalog, available rewards, and the number of value points that can be received for the purchase of each item.
  3. User logs in or signs up on the site.
  4. The user sees their progress in the reward system and can move up the reward chains by earning value points for purchasing items.

How to get it

To add the Reward System block to the Web Shop, contact your Customer Success Manager or email to When a block is added, you will receive a notification.

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Last updated: January 22, 2024

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